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Shoulder Pain

A 35-year-old male had a shoulder injury several years ago. He tried different medical therapies and injections throughout the years. Some of them produced a level of relief. His external range of motion was limited. He had pain and restricted shoulder movement across his other shoulder after several years.

He came to see me a month ago with a stubborn pain level of 3 out of 10. From his first treatment, he found the pain decreased to zero and he was able to touch his other shoulder across without limitation.

So far, he has had a total of 5 treatments. Following his first treatment, the pain came back after 2 days. He was worried that his shoulder got worse even though no needles were inserted near his injured shoulder. I explained that symptoms may worsen for a short period of time before his medical complaint gets better. It is a necessary part of the process. Pain is not a negative effect in this case.

His second treatment and thereafter was even better, no healing crisis experience anymore. 

Even his medical diagnosis of diverticulitis had improved which was an indirect positive effect of his shoulder treatment. 

The patient is very happy that he can finally is able to play with his kids.

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