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Raynaud's syndrome

A 53-year old female had blueish-purple toes for about four years. The diagnosis was never clear. The syndrome could originated from a pathology or from an adverse effect of a medication that she was on for several years. That specific medication was listed as a possible side effect purple toes. 

She was treated 2 times a week for a month. In her second visit, she was pleasantly surprised that the color of her toes changed to her natural beige. She is not embarrassed of her feet anymore.

Her feet and hands were cold to the touch. One reason could had been the lack of proper blood circulation. Moxa therapy along with acupuncture were the strategies used to resolved her medical complaint. 

Currently, she is getting acupuncture once a week. The next target is to control the rheumatoid arthritis in her hands, which are also improving. 

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