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Fibromyalgia, Tremors

A 56-year-old female came to my office complaining of lower back pain, ankle injury (every year for the last 3 years), tremors, dizziness, arthritis in her hands, fibromyalgia and anxiety. The patient is under medical supervision for years due to the strong prescribed medications that she is on. She visits her Chiropractor on a weekly basis for a long time to treat her back, dizziness and shoulder pain.

Every acupuncture treatment helped her decrease her pains and to lessen her dizziness and tremors. 


Her doctor removed one medication and she is on her way to reducing her second medication. The patient is satisfied with her results as well as her Chiropractor. He noticed the change in her posture and her muscles are loosening. 

The patient will continue with weekly treatments for a while. Now, her goal is to lose weight and be more active since the pain is no longer an obstacle.

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