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Autism & Epilepsy

A 16-year-old male came with his mom to seek an alternative treatment for his seizures. He was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3. When he turned 13th, his doctor found a benign tumor on the side of his skull. The tumor was surgically removed in a short period of time. 

His diet consisted mostly of carbs and sugar. Seizures were controlled with two types of medication. However, it wasn't enough. He had seizures more often and lasted 5 minutes and sometimes more. He always ended up in the hospital. His parents were giving an autopen to use when the seizures lasted longer. Generally, after an episode, he threw up and slept for hours.

His acupuncture care plan consisted of treatments twice a week for 4 weeks. At the second treatment, the episodes expanded to every 5 weeks. He no longer throws up or sleeps after it or ends up in an emergency room. The seizures currently last less than a minute and he doesn't need recovery time. He is fine right away. The autopen hasn't been used in a long time. 

His mom was very surprised at how much he has changed. He is eating vegetables. He is more sociable. Most importantly, he loves acupuncture. He called them Gaby's needles. After every treatment, he gives me feedback saying "I feel better now"

He is coming once a week now. The therapy will be for a while. He is still taking his medication and following up with his doctor.

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